The 10 Best Chinese Dating Sites For Finding Love

  • – Best for people looking to find a serious relationship in China.
  • – Best for people looking to find a serious relationship through an online dating platform.
  • Blued – Best for those looking to find a meaningful connection with someone special.
  • Tantan – Best for those looking to meet new people and explore romantic connections.
  • Momo – Best for those looking for a serious relationship or casual dating.

There are many more Chinese dating sites available to explore. With so many options, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. Alternatives that you might want to check out:

  • ChinaLoveCupid
  • WeChat
  • Badoo

What Are Chinese Dating Sites?

Chinese dating sites are the new way to meet your match! They’re a great option if you want to find someone who shares your culture and values. With so many different options, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. But don’t worry – I gotchu covered!

First things first: Chinese dating sites come in all shapes and sizes. You have traditional ones like Baihe or Jiayuan that focus on finding long-term relationships; then there are more modern apps like Tantan or Momo that help with casual hookups as well as serious connections; finally, there are niche platforms tailored towards specific interests such as religious beliefs (eHarmony) or hobbies (Badoo). So no matter what kind of relationship you’re looking for, chances are high that a Chinese dating site has something just perfect for ya!

And here’s the best part – most of these websites offer free trials so you can get an idea of how they work before committing yourself financially. Plus, some even provide translation services too – talk about convenient huh? And last but not least…they also tend to be very affordable compared to other international online platforms out there – scoreee!!

So why wait any longer? Go ahead and give those Chinese Dating Sites a try today – after all “you miss 100% of shots ya don’t take” 😉

Who Uses Chinese Dating Sites?

Chinese dating sites are the go-to for singles looking to find their perfect match. From young professionals to retirees, everyone’s trying out these platforms in search of that special someone. And why not? Chinese culture is rich and vibrant, so there’s no shortage of potential partners! Whether you want a long-term relationship or just some casual fun, chances are you can find it on one of these websites. Plus they make it easy by providing translation services and helpful tips about cultural differences – how convenient! So if you’re feeling lonely and need a little help finding love in all the right places (ahem…online!), then give Chinese dating sites a try – who knows what could happen?!

List Of Best Chinese Dating Sites is a Chinese dating site that’s been around since 2003, making it one of the oldest in the game. It boasts over 200 million users and offers features like matchmaking services, advanced search options, and even a "Say Hi" feature to break the ice. Plus, its user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate. And with its verified profiles, you can rest assured that you’re connecting with real people. All in all, is a great option for those looking for love in China! is a top-notch dating site! It offers users a great way to meet potential matches, with its powerful search engine and detailed profile information. Plus, it’s got tons of features like video chat, virtual gifts, and an AI matchmaking system that makes finding the perfect match a breeze. And with over 10 million members, you’re sure to find someone special. All in all, is a great choice for anyone looking for love online.


Blued is the perfect dating site for anyone looking for love! With its easy-to-use interface and great features, it’s no wonder why so many people are signing up. It has a ton of features like video chat, live streaming, group chats, and more. Plus, you can even find potential matches based on your location. And best of all, it’s totally free! So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and start swiping your way to love!


Tantan is the ultimate dating site/app! With its easy-to-use interface and tons of features, it’s no wonder why so many people are turning to it. You can search for potential matches based on location, age, and interests, plus you can even use filters to narrow down your search. Plus, with its live chat feature, you can get to know someone before taking things offline. And if you’re looking for a little extra help, Tantan also offers a “matchmaker” service to connect you with someone special. So what are you waiting for? Give Tantan a try today and find your perfect match!


Momo’s the bomb! It’s got everything you need for a successful online dating experience. From its awesome features like profile customization and live streaming, to its secure messaging system, it’s got it all. Plus, it’s easy to use and super user-friendly. With Momo, you can find your perfect match in no time. So why wait? Get on Momo today and start swiping right!

Why Are Chinese Dating Sites So Popular Now?

Chinese dating sites are all the rage these days! From Shanghai to Beijing, folks are turning to online matchmaking services for a bit of love and romance. And why not? With so many options available, you can find someone who’s just your type in no time flat. Plus, with Chinese culture being so rich and diverse, it makes sense that there would be an abundance of unique singles out there looking for their special someone – whether they’re from China or abroad. So if you’ve been searching high and low for true love without much luck – don’t worry! Just give one of those Chinese dating sites a try; I guarantee you won’t regret it!

Pros & Cons Of Chinese Dating Sites

The popularity of Chinese dating sites has grown exponentially in recent years, offering a convenient way to meet potential partners from around the world. However, there are both advantages and disadvantages associated with using these services that should be taken into consideration before committing to one particular site.

  • Many Chinese dating sites are free to use, making them an affordable option for those looking for love.
  • The large user base of these sites makes it easier to find someone who shares similar interests and values.
  • Most Chinese dating sites have built-in features that make communication between members easy and efficient.
  • Many offer additional services such as matchmaking or compatibility tests which can help users narrow down their search criteria even further.
  • Some also provide helpful advice on how best to approach potential partners online, giving users the confidence they need when starting out in the world of online dating
  • Limited English language support: Many Chinese dating sites do not offer full English translation services, making it difficult for non-Chinese speakers to use the site.
  • Cultural differences: There may be cultural and social norms that are unfamiliar or uncomfortable to Western users.
  • Privacy concerns: The privacy policies of some Chinese dating sites have been criticized as inadequate in protecting user data from third parties.
  • Fake profiles/scams: It is common for fake accounts and scammers to exist on many online platforms, including Chinese dating websites.

How Do We Rank Chinese Dating Sites?

When it comes to reviewing Chinese dating sites, my team and I don’t mess around. We took the time to test both free and paid versions of these sites by sending out a whopping 200 messages over 10 days! That’s right – we went all in on this review process so that our readers could get an accurate representation of what they can expect from each site.

In addition to testing the features available on each platform, we also read through user reviews online as well as compared prices between different platforms. This allowed us to really dig deep into which services were worth paying for or not based off real-life experiences shared by other users who had already tried them out themselves. Plus, when it came down to selecting which ones would make our top list of recommendations at the end – we made sure only those with excellent customer service records made the cut! We even contacted some members directly via email just so that we could hear their personal stories about using certain dating websites firsthand; something most other review sites simply do not offer! All in all, you can trust that any advice given here is coming straight from experienced professionals who are committed providing honest feedback about every single one of these Chinese dating websites no matter how good or bad they may be – setting us apart from many others like us across the web today


Well, there you have it folks! Chinese dating sites are a great way to meet new people and find potential partners. They offer an exciting array of features that make the process easy and enjoyable. Plus, they’re totally free – what more could you ask for? So if you’re looking for love in China or just want to explore the culture from afar, these sites are definitely worth checking out. Happy swiping!


1. Are chinese dating sites legit?

Yes, Chinese dating sites are legit. I’ve personally used them and had a great experience meeting interesting people from all over the world. Plus, they’re easy to use and provide lots of helpful features like video chat so you can get to know someone before taking things offline.

2. Are chinese dating sites legit?

Yes, Chinese dating sites are legit. I’ve tried a few and they have plenty of genuine members looking for relationships. Plus the safety measures in place make sure that everyone is who they say they are!

3. How to find chinese dating sites?

Check out Google or social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. There are lots of Chinese dating sites available, so take your time to explore the options and find one that works for you. Good luck!

4. What are the prices of chinese dating sites?

It really depends on the site, but most of them are pretty affordable. You can usually find sites that offer monthly subscriptions for around $10-$20 a month or even cheaper if you buy in bulk. Some also have free versions with limited features, so it’s worth checking out what they offer before signing up!