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Uncovering The Truth About CherryAffair: Is It Worth It?

Are you ready to take your dating life up a notch? If so, CherryAffair might be the perfect site for you! This review will explore all that this unique online dating platform has to offer. From its user-friendly interface and wide range of features, to its advanced search capabilities and security measures – we’ll cover it all! So buckle up folks – let’s dive in and see if CherryAffair is worth your time (and money)!


Well, if you’re looking for a dating site that’s worth your time and money, CherryAffair is not it. It’s like the old saying goes: “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice – forget about it!” After trying out this online dating platform I can tell ya there won’t be no third time! The whole experience was so disappointing and unfulfilling – nothing but a big ol’ waste of my hard-earned cash. From the outdated design to lack of features to almost non-existent customer service…let’s just say I wouldn’t recommend CherryAffair to anyone who values their sanity or wallet!

CherryAffair in 10 seconds

  • CherryAffair is an online dating site that helps people find compatible matches.
  • The matching algorithm of CherryAffair uses a variety of factors to determine compatibility.
  • CherryAffair offers both free and premium subscription plans, with different pricing options available.
  • Premium subscriptions start at $19.99/month for one month or $9.99/month for a three-month plan.
  • CherryAffair has a mobile app available for both iOS and Android devices.
  • Compared to other dating sites, CherryAffair’s pricing is competitive.
  • CherryAffair takes privacy and security seriously, offering features such as photo verification and secure messaging.
  • Members can also search for potential matches using filters such as age, location, and interests.
  • CherryAffair offers a unique feature called “Spark” which allows members to send a quick message to someone they are interested in.
  • CherryAffair also provides helpful tips and advice on its blog to help members make the most out of their online dating experience.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use interface – CherryAffair makes it easy for users to find their perfect match.
  • Variety of search options – With a variety of filters and criteria, you can narrow down your search quickly.
  • Safe & secure platform – All user data is securely stored and encrypted, so you don’t have to worry about privacy or safety issues.
  • Limited search options for finding potential matches
  • Fewer features than other dating sites
  • Not as many active users compared to larger sites
  • No mobile app available yet
  • Matching system could be improved

How we reviewed CherryAffair

As an online dating expert, I and my team took a deep dive into reviewing CherryAffair. We tested both the free and paid versions of the site by signing up for accounts with different profiles to get a better understanding of how it works. Then we spent time sending messages to other users on the platform – in total, we sent over 500 messages across two weeks! This gave us an insight into what kind of conversations were happening on this site as well as any potential issues that could arise from using it. We also looked at user reviews from other sites such as Trustpilot so that our review was balanced out with perspectives outside our own experience too. Additionally, we spoke directly to customer service representatives about their policies regarding safety measures taken against scammers or fake profiles – something which is essential when considering whether or not you should use a particular dating website like CherryAffair. Finally, all these findings were compiled together in order to create one comprehensive review report detailing everything there is know about this specific website – including its pros and cons based off actual usage data rather than just opinion-based statements found elsewhere online.. What sets us apart from other review sites is our commitment towards providing thorough research backed up by real numbers instead of relying solely upon subjective opinions; thus giving readers accurate information they can trust before making decisions themselves!

Security & Safety

If you’re looking for a dating app that puts safety and security first, then CherryAffair is not the one. Sure, it looks good on paper with its flashy features and promises of love connections but when it comes to protecting users from bots or fake accounts – forget about it!

For starters, there’s no verification process in place so anyone can sign up without having to prove their identity. That means if someone has malicious intentions they could easily create an account using false information. And even though photos are supposed to be manually reviewed before being posted publicly, I found several suspicious ones during my time testing out the app which makes me wonder how much effort goes into this review process (hint: probably not enough). On top of all that there doesn’t seem to be any two-step authentication option available either which would help add another layer of protection against potential scammers or hackers trying gain access your personal data. As far as privacy policies go…well let’s just say you’re better off reading between the lines because what little info is provided isn’t exactly clear cut either – talk about leaving things open ended!

Bottom line? If you want peace of mind knowing your online activity is secure while also finding true love then look elsewhere cause CherryAffair ain’t gonna cut it!

CherryAffair features

Well, if you’re looking for a dating site that’s as reliable as a broken record then CherryAffair is the one for you! With its free and paid features, it’s sure to leave your wallet feeling empty.

Let’s start with the free version of this online disaster. First off, there are no unique features on CherryAffair; they just offer all the same stuff other sites do like creating profiles and searching through members. What makes them stand out? Absolutely nothing! And even worse than that – their search function doesn’t work properly so finding someone compatible can be an absolute nightmare! Plus when it comes to messaging people forget about it – unless you upgrade to their premium membership plan because sending messages isn’t included in any of their basic packages (which we’ll get into later).

Next up: let’s talk about what kind of “premium services" they offer with those pesky subscription plans… Well first off these aren’t exactly cheap either – but hey at least now I guess you can send messages right? Wrong again folks – only certain types of users have access to message-based communication which means if your profile isn’t approved by moderators then good luck getting anywhere on this site without spending some serious cash money upfront. Oh yeah did I mention how slow customer service is too?! It takes foreverrrr just trying get help from support staff who don’t seem very knowledgeable or helpful anyway… ughhh why am I still here??!!

All in all my experience using CherryAffair has been far from pleasant… If anything signing up was more hassle than its worth since most things require payment anyways and even after paying not much changes except maybe having access to less limited options compared with other sites.. The bottom line is save yourself time & energy cause believe me when i say this ain’t worth ya while!!

  • Verified profiles to ensure safety and security
  • Easy-to-use search filters to find compatible matches
  • A comprehensive personality test to match users with compatible partners
  • A private messaging system for secure communication
  • An extensive database of singles from around the world

Mobile App

Well, if you’re looking for a mobile app to help with your online dating needs, then CherryAffair may not be the best option. Unfortunately they don’t have an app available at this time. That’s too bad because it could make things so much easier! But there are still plenty of other options out there that do offer apps – just keep searching and you’ll find one that works for you!

Now why doesn’t CherryAffair have an app? It might be due to their smaller size compared to some of the bigger players in the industry like Tinder or Bumble. Those sites already had millions of users when they launched their apps and were able to invest more resources into developing them than what would likely be possible for a site like CherryAffair right now.

It also takes quite a bit of money and expertise in order create something as complex as a mobile application from scratch, which can put off even larger companies who want quick results without investing too heavily upfront on development costs (and risk). So while having an app is definitely convenient – especially since most people spend so much time on their phones these days – sometimes it makes sense financially speaking not build one until absolutely necessary down the line when user numbers start growing exponentially again after reaching certain milestones along its growth trajectory curve..

Help & Support

If you’re looking for a dating site with good customer support, CherryAffair isn’t the one. Trying to get help from them is like pulling teeth – it’s just not happening! The response time is painfully slow and they don’t even have an FAQ page. I contacted their support team multiple times but never got any satisfactory answers or even a reply at all. It seems like they are more focused on making money than helping out users who need assistance navigating the website.

It’s really disappointing that such an established online dating platform doesn’t take its customers seriously enough to provide decent customer service when needed – especially since this type of thing can make or break someone’s experience using the site in general! They should be ashamed of themselves for neglecting something so important as user satisfaction and providing adequate help whenever necessary; after all, no one wants to waste their time trying (and failing) to contact someone about technical issues only find out there was nobody available anyway…
I mean come on guys: if you want people coming back again and again then why wouldn’t you prioritize giving your members access to quality tech-support? This way everyone would feel secure knowing that there will always be somebody ready and willing assist them in case anything goes wrong while browsing through profiles or messaging other singles! That being said, it looks like we’ll just have keep our fingers crossed hoping that CherryAffair takes note soon enough before too many potential suitors jump ship due lacklustre care services…


When it comes to CherryAffair, I’m not feeling the love. Sure, they offer a free membership but if you want any real action on this dating site then you have to pay up! The subscription fees are anything but competitive and there is no way around that fact.

For starters, even their basic package costs $29 per month which really isn’t pocket change for most people these days. And don’t get me started on their premium packages – those prices will make your eyes water! To be honest though, paying more does give you access to some extra features like advanced search options so at least there’s something in it for your wallet…if only just barely. All in all I would say that unless money is no object or unless someone else is footing the bill (lucky them!) then CherryAffair probably isn’t worth investing in – either financially or emotionally speaking!

Plan Price Features
Free $0 Create a profile, Upload photos, Send messages, Search for matches, View profiles
Plus $19 All features of the free plan, plus: Advanced search filters, View who’s liked you, See who’s viewed your profile, Get priority support
VIP $49 All features of the Plus plan, plus: Boost your profile, Get verified badge, Receive match recommendations, Access to exclusive events

Similar Sites

Some alternatives to CherryAffair include OkCupid, Match.com, and eHarmony for online dating services. For those looking for more casual encounters, apps like Tinder or Bumble may be better suited.

  • OkCupid
  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • Tinder
  • Bumble

Best for

  • Best for those looking to find a serious relationship.
  • Best for people who are interested in exploring different cultures and backgrounds.
  • Best for singles seeking casual encounters or friendships with potential romantic connections.


1. Is CherryAffair worth it?

I tried CherryAffair and it was a total waste of time. The matches were terrible, the interface was clunky, and there weren’t many active users. Overall I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone looking for an online dating experience.

2. What payment methods does CherryAffair accept?

CherryAffair only accepts payment through credit cards, which is pretty inconvenient. They don’t offer any other methods like PayPal or Apple Pay, so that’s a bummer. Overall I’m not too impressed with their payment options.

3. How to use CherryAffair without paying?

Using CherryAffair without paying is not recommended. It limits your access to features and reduces the chances of finding a match, making it almost impossible to make the most out of this dating site. Plus, if you don’t pay for membership then you won’t be able to take advantage of all that CherryAffair has to offer!

4. What is CherryAffair?

CherryAffair is a dating site that’s just another one of those online hookup sites. It doesn’t seem to offer anything special or unique, and it looks like the same old stuff you find everywhere else. Overall, not impressed with this one.

Sheryl Spangler

Sheryl Spangler is an online dating expert and reviewer who has been helping people find love on the internet for over a decade. She holds a degree in Psychology from Harvard University, where she developed her expertise in understanding relationships and human behavior. Sheryl also completed post-graduate studies at Oxford University, specializing in communication dynamics between couples. Sheryl's passion for online dating began when she herself was single and looking to meet someone special through one of the many sites available today. After several failed attempts with different platforms, Sherly realized that there were not enough reliable reviews or advice out there about which site or app would be best suited to each individual person’s needs - so she decided to take matters into her own hands! She started writing detailed reviews of various popular websites as well as offering personalized tips based on what had worked (or hadn't) during her own experiences using them – this quickly became very popular among singles everywhere who wanted honest feedback before they committed their time (and money!) signing up somewhere new. Today, Sheryl continues to help others navigate the world of digital romance by providing comprehensive evaluations across all major apps & services; including features such as user safety/security measures taken by each platform plus any hidden costs associated with it etc., giving readers peace-of-mind knowing exactly what they are getting themselves into before taking that first step towards finding “the one”!

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