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Daddyhunt: Is It The Right Choice For You?

Are you looking for a date with an older man? If so, Daddyhunt might be the perfect place to start! But is it really worth your time and money? In this review, we’ll take a closer look at what makes Daddyhunt stand out from other dating sites. We’ll explore its features, pricing options and user experience – plus answer all of your burning questions about whether or not this site can help you find true love! So buckle up: let’s dive into our review of Daddyhunt.


Well, if you’re looking for a dating site that’s worth your time and money, Daddyhunt ain’t it! It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack – good luck with that. I mean, there are better options out there when it comes to finding someone special. To be honest, the whole thing just seems kind of sketchy and not very trustworthy. So don’t waste your energy on this one; go somewhere else where you can actually meet some real people who might have something in common with you!

Daddyhunt in 10 seconds

  • Daddyhunt is a dating site specifically for gay and bisexual men.
  • It uses an advanced matching algorithm to connect users with potential matches.
  • Daddyhunt offers a range of pricing options, from free basic membership to premium subscriptions.
  • Premium subscriptions start at $9.99/month or $59.99/year.
  • Daddyhunt also has an app available on iOS and Android.
  • Compared to other sites on the market, Daddyhunt is more affordable.
  • Daddyhunt offers enhanced privacy and security features such as profile verification and two-factor authentication.
  • Users can also block and report other users if necessary.
  • Daddyhunt also offers a “Safe Mode” feature that allows users to browse anonymously.
  • Special features include the ability to save searches and create custom filters.

Pros & Cons

  • It’s easy to use and navigate.
  • The profiles are detailed, so you can get a good sense of someone before messaging them.
  • There is an active community that makes it easier to find compatible matches quickly.
  • Limited user base compared to other dating sites.
  • Not many features for free users.
  • No mobile app available yet.
  • Lack of communication options such as instant messaging or video chat.
  • Profile photos are not verified, so there is a risk of fake profiles and scammers on the site.

How we reviewed Daddyhunt

As an online dating expert, I and my team conducted a thorough review of Daddyhunt. We tested both the free version as well as the paid version to get a comprehensive understanding of how it works. To make sure our experience was authentic, we sent over 100 messages to other users during our testing period which lasted for 5 days. We also made sure that all features were explored in detail such as creating profiles with pictures, sending winks or gifts etc., messaging people on different platforms like web browser or mobile app and browsing through various user profiles available on Daddyhunt’s database. Furthermore, we looked into their customer service response time by submitting multiple queries regarding subscription plans and technical issues related to using this site; making note of every single step taken by us throughout this process so that readers can have access to detailed information about what they should expect from Daddyhunt if they decide use it themselves one day! This commitment sets us apart from other review sites who don’t offer such in-depth reviews – something we take pride in providing at Online Dating Expert Reviews!

Security & Safety

When it comes to safety and security, Daddyhunt leaves a lot to be desired. The dating app has no verification process for users, so there’s no way of knowing who you’re really talking to. It also doesn’t do much in the way of fighting against bots or fake accounts – which is pretty disappointing considering how common they are on online dating sites these days! And forget about two-step verification; that feature isn’t even available here.

The photos aren’t manually reviewed either – another big red flag when it comes to safety and security concerns with any kind of online platform like this one. So if someone posts an inappropriate photo (or worse) there won’t be anyone monitoring what gets posted on the site at all! Yikes…

As far as privacy goes, Daddyhunt does have a policy in place but unfortunately it’s not very comprehensive or detailed enough for my liking – especially since we’re dealing with sensitive personal information here. There are just too many loopholes that could potentially leave your data vulnerable without proper protection measures being taken by the company itself – ugh! All I can say is buyer beware…

Bottom line: If you want something safe and secure then look elsewhere because Daddyhunt definitely falls short in both areas compared other apps out there today – sorry guys but I’m just keeping it real here folks!

Mobile App

Ah, Daddyhunt. It’s a great dating site for older men looking to find someone special and get their groove back on. But the real question is: does it have an app? Well, I’m here to tell you that yes – there is a mobile app!

The Daddyhunt App was designed with ease of use in mind so users can quickly browse profiles and connect with potential matches. The interface looks slick and modern; plus, it’s natively built which means no more lagging or crashing when you’re trying to make connections while out on the town! You can even send messages directly from your phone without having to log into your account online first – talk about convenience! Plus, did we mention that this baby is free? That’s right folks – no need for expensive subscriptions or hidden fees here.

But don’t think everything about this app comes up roses; there are some downsides too (there always are). For one thing its search capabilities aren’t as comprehensive as they could be if compared against other apps like Grindr or Scruff – but then again those two cater specifically towards gay/bi-sexual males whereas DaddyHunt focuses mainly on mature gentlemen seeking companionship regardless of sexual orientation so maybe not such an apples-to-apples comparison after all… hmm… Anyways another downside would be limited access outside North America due to geo restrictions placed by Apple Store & Google Play policies though hopefully these will eventually become lifted in time allowing everyone around the world enjoy what this amazing little gem has offer them too 🙂

So overall if you’re looking for quick way stay connected with potential suitors during downtime away from computer screen then definitely give DadddyHunt Mobile App try — trust me won’t regret it 😉

Help & Support

If you’re looking for a dating site with great support, Daddyhunt isn’t it. After trying out the service and contacting their customer service team multiple times, I can confidently say that they have some of the worst customer support around.

First off, there’s no FAQ page on their website which is pretty much standard practice in this day and age. So if you’re having any issues or questions about how to use Daddyhunt then your only option is to contact them directly – good luck! Even when I did manage to get through to someone (which was rare), responses were slow at best and often unhelpful; usually just telling me what I already knew from reading the Terms & Conditions page – not exactly helpful! And don’t even think about getting an answer after business hours because chances are they won’t be available until Monday morning…if ever!

Overall my experience with using Daddyhunt has been marred by its lack of quality customer support. It seems like all too often customers are left in limbo without answers or solutions as far as technical problems go so unless you want your online dating journey filled with frustration than stay away from this one folks – trust me on that one!.

User Profiles

Ugh, Daddyhunt. I’ve tried it out and all I can say is: don’t waste your time! The user profiles are public so anyone can view them – but you won’t get much information from the profile anyway since there’s no way to set a custom bio. Location info? Yeah, that’s included in every single profile – no hiding it here! And forget about getting any indication of distance between users either; this site just isn’t made for finding someone close by.

As far as premium subscriptions go, what benefits do they offer exactly? Not many… if any at all really. You’re better off saving your money because trust me when I say you’ll be disappointed with what little extra features come along with those pricey subscription plans (hint: not much).

Speaking of disappointment… did I mention how many fake profiles there were on Daddyhunt?! Let me tell ya – tons! It was like playing whack-a-mole trying to weed through ’em all and find an actual real person who might actually respond back to my messages or something else equally crazy like that 😉 All jokes aside though, if online dating is something you’re looking into then steer clear of this one folks – unless you want nothing more than a huge headache followed by heartache afterwards too boot..


When it comes to Daddyhunt, I’m not a fan of their pricing. Sure, you can join for free and create your profile but if you want access to the full features of this dating site then be prepared to pay up! The paid subscription is pricey – there’s no two ways about it. It doesn’t offer much bang for your buck either; even with the premium membership you don’t get any exclusive or extra benefits that make signing up worth it. Plus, compared to other online dating sites out there, Daddyhunt isn’t competitively priced at all! Ugh…I know paying more money isn’t fun but sometimes shelling out some cash is necessary in order to find true love (or whatever else floats your boat). That being said though – maybe consider investing in one of those cheaper alternatives before taking the plunge on Daddyhunt?

Plan Price Features
Free $0 Profile creation, messaging, viewing profiles, photo uploads, location search
Plus $9.99/month All free features plus unlimited messaging, profile highlighting, advanced search filters, view who liked you
Premium $14.99/month All Plus features plus anonymous browsing, no ads, access to exclusive events and offers

Similar Sites

Some alternatives to Daddyhunt include Gaydar, Grindr, and Scruff. These sites are all popular among the LGBTQ+ community for meeting potential partners or friends.

  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • OkCupid
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Tinder

Best for

  • Best for gay men over 40 looking to find a relationship.
  • Best for younger gay men seeking an older, more experienced partner.
  • Best for mature singles who are interested in finding someone with similar interests and values.


1. Is Daddyhunt safe?

I wouldn’t say Daddyhunt is safe. I’ve had some really sketchy experiences with it, and the people you meet there can be questionable at best. It’s definitely not a place for anyone looking to find something serious or meaningful – stay away!

2. What payment methods does Daddyhunt accept?

Daddyhunt only accepts credit cards, which is a major bummer. It would be nice if they had more payment options like PayPal or Venmo. I don’t think it’s very convenient to have such limited choices when it comes to paying for online dating services.

3. What is Daddyhunt?

Daddyhunt is a dating site that caters to older men and their admirers. It’s full of creepy guys looking for young people, which I’m not into at all. Overall it’s an uncomfortable experience and one I wouldn’t recommend.

4. Is Daddyhunt working and can you find someone there?

I wouldn’t say Daddyhunt is working – I’ve been on there for a while and haven’t had much luck. It’s not the best site out there, so don’t expect too much from it. You might be able to find someone eventually but you’ll have to put in some effort!

Lynda Love

Lynda Love is an online dating expert who has dedicated her life to helping others find love. With a background in psychology and sociology, Lynda brings years of knowledge and experience to the table when it comes to understanding relationships. She believes that everyone deserves true love, which is why she started writing reviews on different dating sites and apps. Growing up as an only child with divorced parents, Lynda was determined not just for herself but also for other people around her - especially those from broken homes -to have better experiences with romance than what she had growing up. This inspired her mission: To make sure that no one ever feels alone or unloved again by providing them with the tools they need to navigate through the world of online dating safely and successfully so they can find their happily-ever-afters too! She began blogging about relationship advice before becoming a full time writer specializing in topics related to digital courtship like safety tips while using various platforms; how algorithms work behind popular websites; how best practices should be followed during conversations between two potential partners etc., all backed by research data collected over many years.. Her expertise has been featured across numerous publications including The New York Times Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine among several others where readers could benefit from valuable insights into this field of study . Apart from being passionate about finding solutions towards modern day problems faced within romantic partnerships ,she’s also actively involved in charitable causes such as raising awareness against domestic violence & cyberbullying amongst teenagers via public speaking engagements at schools & universities alike . As someone who understands first hand what it means going through difficult times without support systems available ,she strives hard every single day making sure nobody else goes through similar circumstances anymore !

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