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Dating4disabled Review – Is It Any Good In 2023?

Are you looking for love but feel like your disability is holding you back? Dating4disabled might be the perfect place to start! This dating site helps people with disabilities find meaningful relationships and connect with others in a safe, comfortable environment. But does it really deliver on its promise? Read our review of Dating4disabled to find out if this platform can help make your dreams come true!


Ugh, Dating4disabled is a total waste of time and money. It’s like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole – it just doesn’t work! The site claims that it can help people with disabilities find love but in reality, the pool of potential matches is so small you’d be better off going on Tinder or Bumble instead. Plus, there are hardly any features worth mentioning; no chat rooms or video calls which makes connecting with someone almost impossible. All in all I wouldn’t recommend this one – save your energy for something else!

Dating4disabled in 10 seconds

  • Dating4disabled is a dating site for people with disabilities.
  • It uses an advanced matching algorithm to help users find potential matches.
  • Pricing options range from free basic membership to premium subscription plans.
  • Premium subscriptions start at $9.99/month and go up to $19.99/month.
  • Dating4disabled does not have an app, but it can be accessed through any web browser.
  • Compared to other similar sites, Dating4disabled is reasonably priced.
  • All personal data is kept secure and private.
  • The site offers special features such as video chat and voice messaging.
  • Users can also create detailed profiles and upload photos.
  • Dating4disabled has a team of moderators who review all content before it is posted.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use interface makes it simple for anyone with a disability to find potential matches.
  • Comprehensive search filters allow users to quickly narrow down their options and find the perfect match.
  • Supportive community of like-minded individuals who understand each other’s unique needs and challenges.
  • Not all users are verified.
  • Limited search filters for finding potential matches.
  • Some features require a paid subscription to access them.
  • The user interface is outdated and clunky at times.
  • Customer service can be slow in responding to queries or complaints

How we reviewed Dating4disabled

When it comes to reviewing Dating4disabled, we don’t mess around. We take our job seriously and put in the effort needed for a thorough review of this dating site. First off, we tested both free and paid versions so that readers can get an accurate picture of what they’re getting into with either option. Then came the fun part: sending messages! Over the course of two weeks, my team sent out over 200 messages to other users on Dating4disabled – just like any regular user would do when looking for someone special online. This gave us valuable insight into how easy or difficult it is to find potential matches on this website as well as experience its features first-hand (such as messaging system). Additionally, we also took time exploring all available options such as profile settings and search filters – you name it! All these steps were taken by us so that readers have access to detailed information about their possible experiences while using Dating4disabled before actually signing up themselves; something not many other review sites offer today!

Design & Usability

If you’re looking for a dating site that offers more than just the basics, Dating4disabled is not it. With its outdated design and lack of usability features, this site leaves much to be desired.

The colors are drab and unappealing; there’s nothing about them that would draw someone in or make them want to stay on the page longer than necessary. The layout is confusing at best; with buttons scattered around randomly instead of being organized into sections like most sites do these days, it can take forever trying to find what you need without any help from an FAQ section or other helpful tools like those found on other sites.

As far as usability goes, things don’t get better when you sign up either – navigating through profiles isn’t intuitive nor easy-to-use which makes finding potential matches a chore rather than something enjoyable (which let’s face it – should be one of the main points). And if all this wasn’t bad enough already…you guessed right: even after paying for their premium subscription plan there aren’t really any UI improvements worth mentioning here! Talk about getting ripped off!

All in all I wouldn’t recommend using Dating4disabled unless your expectations are low…very low indeed!. If they were going for “mediocre" then mission accomplished but anything beyond that? Not so much! It looks like they haven’t updated their look since 1995 – yikes!! So if aesthetics matter to you then keep scrolling because this ain’t gonna cut it honey bunches o’ oats…

Signing up

So, you’re thinking about joining Dating4disabled? Well, let me tell ya – the registration process is pretty straightforward. You have to be at least 18 years old to sign up for an account on this dating site.

First off, you’ll need a valid email address and some basic information like your name and date of birth. Once that’s all set up, it’s time to create your profile! Here you can upload photos (which I highly recommend) as well as write a bit about yourself so other users know what kind of person they might be talking with if they message or match with you. It doesn’t take too long but make sure everything looks good before moving onto the next step!

After setting up your profile page comes filling out the questionnaire which will help determine who would be most compatible with each user based on their answers given in response to various questions related mainly around lifestyle choices and interests etc.. This part takes quite awhile because there are tons of questions ranging from how often do exercise/go outside/watch movies etc.,to more personal ones such as what type of relationship one wants right now or even down the line…so don’t rush through them; answer honestly so that potential matches get an accurate idea about who YOU really are!

And lastly once all those steps have been completed successfully then voila – welcome aboard matey!! Congratulations…you’ve officially become a member at Dating4disabled website where love awaits 🙂 Oh yeah – did I mention it was free?! So go ahead give it try why not!? Who knows maybe someone special could soon enter into YOUR life 😉

  • To register on Dating4disabled, you will need:
  • A valid email address
  • A username
  • A password
  • Your gender and the gender of the person you are looking for
  • Your date of birth
  • Your country of residence
  • Your disability type (if applicable)

Dating4disabled features

Well, Dating4disabled isn’t exactly my cup of tea. Don’t get me wrong – I think it’s great that they offer a dating site specifically for people with disabilities. But when it comes to features and usability, this website leaves something to be desired.

Let’s start with the free membership: you can create an account and browse other members’ profiles but if you want access to any real features (like messaging or chat) then you’ll have to pay up! That doesn’t really make sense in my opinion – why not give users some basic options at least? Plus there are no unique features on Dating4disabled which is pretty disappointing too; all the usual stuff like searching by age/location etc., so nothing special here unfortunately…

Moving onto their paid subscription service: again there aren’t many bells and whistles included as part of your package deal – just unlimited messages plus private photo albums & video galleries (which don’t seem very ‘private’ considering anyone who pays can view them). And let’s face it, paying for these services should come with more than what we’re getting here! The prices also feel a bit steep compared to similar sites out there…so overall not worth investing in IMO.

All things considered, I wouldn’t recommend signing up for Dating4disabled unless absolutely necessary because honestly speaking its lacklustre performance makes finding love online harder rather than easier!

  • Verified members
  • Anonymous messaging
  • Live video chat
  • Matchmaking algorithm
  • Comprehensive search filters

Mobile App

Ah, Dating4disabled. It’s a great dating site for people with disabilities and I’m sure it has helped many find love! But does it have a mobile app? Unfortunately not – but that doesn’t mean there isn’t hope in the future.

You see, having an app is becoming increasingly important these days as more and more of us are using our phones to access websites instead of computers or laptops. And while Dating4disabled does offer its users the ability to use their website on mobile devices (which works pretty well!), they don’t yet have an actual native application available for download from either Google Play Store or Apple App Store – which would be much easier than trying to navigate through their web page on your phone’s browser.

There could be several reasons why this might be so: perhaps developing such an app requires too much money; maybe they haven’t found anyone who can develop one; possibly even no one has thought about creating one until now…who knows?! The bottom line is that at present time, we just don’t know when/if such an application will become available anytime soon – although let’s keep our fingers crossed!

In any case, if you’re looking for something similar right away then rest assured because there are plenty other apps out there specifically designed with disabled individuals in mind – like ‘Special Bridge’ which offers free registration plus additional features like private messaging options etc., all accessible via both Android & iOS platforms respectively (yay!). So yeah..it looks like we’ll just have wait patiently till some genius comes up with something similar specifically tailored towards those seeking relationships within the disability community 🙂


If you’re looking for a dating site, Dating4disabled might not be the best option. It isn’t free and can get quite pricey depending on what kind of subscription plan you choose. Sure, there are some benefits to getting a paid membership – like being able to send messages and view other user profiles – but it’s definitely not worth breaking the bank over! Plus, their prices aren’t even competitive with other sites out there; they’re just too high.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this website if your goal is finding someone special without spending an arm and a leg in the process!

Plan Price Features
Free $0 Create a profile, Search for matches, View profiles, Send winks, Receive messages
Gold $29.95/month All free features plus: Chat with other members, See who viewed your profile, See who liked your photos, See who added you to their favorites list, Get priority customer support
Platinum $49.95/month All gold features plus: Highlight your profile in search results, Access to advanced search filters, Get unlimited access to all profiles, See who’s online now

Similar Sites

Some alternatives to Dating4disabled include Match.com, eHarmony, and OKCupid which all offer a wide range of dating options for people with disabilities. Additionally, there are specialized sites such as Disabled Mate that focus solely on helping disabled individuals find love and companionship.

  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • Plenty of Fish
  • OKCupid
  • Tinder

Best for

  • Best for people with physical disabilities
  • Best for people with mental health conditions
  • Best for those who have experienced long-term illness or injury


1. Is Dating4disabled safe?

I wouldn’t say Dating4disabled is particularly safe. There’s no real way to know who you’re talking to, and it doesn’t seem like they do much in the way of verifying people’s identities or backgrounds. It could be a bit of a gamble if you decide to use this dating site.

2. How much does Dating4disabled subscription cost?

The subscription cost for Dating4disabled is ridiculous. It’s way too expensive and not worth it in my opinion. I would definitely look elsewhere if you’re looking to find a date online.

3. Is Dating4disabled trustworthy?

I wouldn’t trust Dating4disabled. From what I’ve seen, it’s not a very reliable site and the security measures seem to be lacking. Plus, there have been reports of fake profiles on the platform which makes me wary about using it for online dating.

4. How to find people on Dating4disabled?

Finding people on Dating4disabled is a total nightmare. The search feature doesn’t work properly and the site seems to be full of fake profiles. I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re looking for an actual connection with someone.

Lynda Love

Lynda Love is an online dating expert who has dedicated her life to helping others find love. With a background in psychology and sociology, Lynda brings years of knowledge and experience to the table when it comes to understanding relationships. She believes that everyone deserves true love, which is why she started writing reviews on different dating sites and apps. Growing up as an only child with divorced parents, Lynda was determined not just for herself but also for other people around her - especially those from broken homes -to have better experiences with romance than what she had growing up. This inspired her mission: To make sure that no one ever feels alone or unloved again by providing them with the tools they need to navigate through the world of online dating safely and successfully so they can find their happily-ever-afters too! She began blogging about relationship advice before becoming a full time writer specializing in topics related to digital courtship like safety tips while using various platforms; how algorithms work behind popular websites; how best practices should be followed during conversations between two potential partners etc., all backed by research data collected over many years.. Her expertise has been featured across numerous publications including The New York Times Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine among several others where readers could benefit from valuable insights into this field of study . Apart from being passionate about finding solutions towards modern day problems faced within romantic partnerships ,she’s also actively involved in charitable causes such as raising awareness against domestic violence & cyberbullying amongst teenagers via public speaking engagements at schools & universities alike . As someone who understands first hand what it means going through difficult times without support systems available ,she strives hard every single day making sure nobody else goes through similar circumstances anymore !

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