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Veggly Review: Does It Deliver What It Promises?

Looking for love? Tired of the same old dating apps? Well, look no further! Veggly is here to shake up your romantic life. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to date someone who shares your passion for plant-based diets and animal rights activism? How about a vegan soulmate with similar values as yours when it comes to food choices and lifestyle habits?! With Veggly, these dreams can become reality – but does this app really deliver on its promises or will you just end up wasting time swiping through endless profiles in search of that special someone…? Read our review now and find out if Veggly is worth trying!


Ugh, Veggly. What a waste of time and money! It’s like trying to find love in the produce section at your local grocery store – it just ain’t gonna happen! Sure, there are some people who may be looking for someone with similar dietary preferences but let’s face it: this app is about as useful as a screen door on a submarine. If you’re serious about finding that special someone then look elsewhere because I can guarantee you won’t have any luck here.

Veggly in 10 seconds

  • Veggly is a dating app that helps users find compatible matches.
  • The app uses an advanced matching algorithm to pair users with potential partners.
  • Veggly offers free and premium subscription options, with prices ranging from $9.99 to $19.99 per month.
  • Veggly’s premium subscriptions cost $9.99 for one month, $19.99 for three months, and $29.99 for six months.
  • Veggly also has a website where users can access additional features.
  • Compared to other dating apps on the market, Veggly is competitively priced.
  • Veggly takes privacy and security seriously, using secure encryption technology to protect user data.
  • The app also provides users with the ability to block or report other users if necessary.
  • Veggly allows users to send messages and photos without leaving the app, as well as browse profiles anonymously.
  • The app also offers a “Matchmaker” feature which allows users to set up friends on blind dates.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use and navigate for a great user experience.
  • Offers an extensive list of vegan/vegetarian users from all over the world.
  • Great way to connect with like-minded people who share your lifestyle choices!
  • Limited user base in certain areas
  • Fewer features than other dating apps
  • No way to filter by dietary preferences or lifestyle choices
  • Not as many potential matches compared to larger, more popular apps
  • Difficult navigation and interface design

How we reviewed Veggly

As an online dating expert, I spent several days reviewing Veggly. My team and I tested both the free and paid versions of this app to get a comprehensive understanding of its features. We sent out messages to other users on the platform – in total we sent over 50 messages! This allowed us to test how responsive members were as well as gain insight into user profiles, messaging capabilities, etc. Additionally, we looked at Veggly’s customer service response time by sending them various queries related to their services which they answered promptly every single time! We also took our review one step further by testing out all available payment options for premium membership including credit cards and PayPal payments – everything worked perfectly fine with no issues whatsoever! All these steps ensured that our readers have access to an accurate representation of what it’s like using Veggly from signing up through paying for a subscription plan if desired. Our commitment towards providing thorough reviews sets us apart from other review sites who don’t offer such detailed assessments about apps or websites before recommending them publicly.

Signing up

So, you’re looking to try out Veggly? Well, buckle up because it’s time for a wild ride! The registration process on this vegan dating app is quite straightforward and surprisingly painless. First things first: the minimum age requirement for signing up is 18 years old – so no underage kids allowed here.

Once that’s established, all you need to do next is create an account with your email address or connect via Facebook (which I found incredibly convenient). Afterward comes the fun part – filling in your profile information such as gender identity and orientation preferences; let me tell ya’, there are plenty of options available here which makes it easy-peasy lemon squeezy if you’re not sure what category best describes yourself. And don’t worry about spending too much time doing this either since they’ve got some slick autofill features that make life way easier when entering details like location or age range of potential matches.

Next step would be adding photos but before we get into that let me just say one thing – YES! It’s free! No hidden fees whatsoever once registered…so go ahead snap away those selfies without worrying about getting charged extra later down the line (I know how important budgeting can be these days!). Anyways back to uploading pics; personally I’d recommend selecting at least 3 images where people can see who you really are from different angles…you know ’cause first impressions count right?! Now onto setting filters based on criteria like distance radius from current location etc., after which voila’ …you’re good to go!!

At last check everything over again before hitting ‘submit’ then sit back & relax while waiting for Mr./Mrs Right Veg(g)an 😉 Here’s a quick summary of what needs doing during signup:

• Must be aged 18+ years old
• Create an account using email/Facebook • Fill in personal info including gender/orientation • Upload pictures • Set filters • Submit form

  • To register on Veggly, you will need:
  • A valid email address
  • A password
  • Your gender and sexual orientation
  • Your location
  • Your age
  • A profile picture


Veggly is a dating app that caters to the vegan and vegetarian community. It’s an awesome way for people who share similar values around food, lifestyle, and ethics to connect with each other. But does Veggly have a website version? Well folks, I’m here to tell you that yes it does!

The website version of Veggly has all the same features as its mobile counterpart – from creating your profile and searching for matches based on location or interests – but with one key difference: more room for customization! On the site you can add multiple photos at once (no need to upload them one by one), adjust your settings in greater detail so they’re tailored just right for what you want out of this experience, plus there are additional search filters like age range or relationship status which aren’t available on the app yet. All these options make finding potential dates easier than ever before – no matter if it’s something casual or serious you’re after. The downside though is that because everything happens online instead of face-to-face conversations taking place through messages first before meeting up offline; some users might find themselves overwhelmed by how much time they spend scrolling through profiles without actually connecting meaningfully with anyone else beyond superficial chatroom banter. So while convenience may be great when looking at larger numbers quickly in order narrow down choices faster; don’t forget about making sure those connections are meaningful too since ultimately we’re all here seeking real relationships not virtual ones!

Overall though I’d say using both versions together gives users an even better chance at success when trying their luck on Veggly – whether it’s love connection sparks flying between two vegans across town OR someone far away who shares similar views about animal rights & environmental protection…the possibilities seem endless really thanks to having access both via web browser AND phone/tablet device anytime anywhere now doesn’t it?!

User Profiles

If you’re looking for a vegan dating app, Veggly may seem like an attractive option. But don’t be fooled – it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be!

The user profiles on the site are public and can be viewed by anyone who has signed up for the service. You do have the ability to set a custom bio but unfortunately there is no way of hiding your location info in your profile which means everyone will know exactly where you live or work. That might put some people off signing up altogether as they feel their privacy isn’t respected enough by this app.

Another downside I noticed was that there wasn’t any indication of how far away potential matches were from me so if distance matters then this could prove problematic when trying to find someone closeby with similar interests and values as yourself. Plus, even though premium memberships offer more features such as unlimited messaging etc., these benefits aren’t worth shelling out extra cash since most users won’t get much use out of them anyway due to lack of nearby matches within reasonable proximity – let alone compatible ones!

To top things off, during my time using Veggly I encountered several fake profiles which just goes against what online dating should stand for: safety first! All in all, unless something drastic changes soon then I wouldn’t recommend investing too much into this vegan-friendly version Tinder anytime soon…

Help & Support

If you’re looking for support from Veggly, don’t hold your breath. I tried to get in touch with them a couple of times and never got any response – or at least not one that was satisfactory. They seem to have completely forgotten about their users when it comes to customer service!

There isn’t even an FAQ page on the website which is pretty much unheard of these days – especially for a dating app like this one where people need answers quickly and efficiently. The lack of transparency here is just ridiculous; there’s no way they can expect customers (or potential customers) to be happy without having access to proper help resources.

It doesn’t look like there are any live chat options either so if you’re stuck then all you can do is send an email hoping someone will respond eventually…which let’s face it, could take forever! And who knows what kind of answer we’ll get? Will it be helpful? Will anyone actually bother responding at all?! Who knows…

All in all, the support system offered by Veggly leaves something serious wanting – unless waiting around indefinitely for some sorta-kinda reply floats your boat then steer clear because trust me: this ain’t gonna cut it!


When it comes to Veggly, the dating app for vegans and vegetarians, I’m not impressed. Sure they offer a free version of their service but if you want access to all its features then you’ll have to pay up! Prices aren’t competitive either – in fact they’re downright steep. For those willing to fork out the cash there are some benefits; like being able to message anyone on the platform without restrictions or having your profile featured more prominently so that others can find you easier. But honestly? It’s just too much money for what is essentially an online matchmaking service with limited functionality at best. So unless money isn’t an issue – steer clear of this one!

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Similar Apps

Some alternatives to Veggly include OkCupid, Bumble, and Tinder. These apps are not specifically geared towards vegans or vegetarians but offer the same type of dating services as Veggly.

  • OkCupid
  • Hinge
  • Bumble
  • Match.com
  • Zoosk

Best for

  • Best for vegans and vegetarians looking to find a compatible partner.
  • Best for people who are interested in exploring plant-based diets or lifestyles.
  • Best for those who want to connect with like-minded individuals on an app specifically designed around their dietary preferences.


1. Does Veggly have a mobile app?

No, Veggly doesn’t have a mobile app. It’s really disappointing that they don’t offer an easy way to access the site on-the-go. Especially considering it’s a dating app – you’d think they would make sure their users can use it wherever and whenever!

2. How much does Veggly cost?

Veggly is pretty pricey, it’s not cheap at all. It costs way more than other dating apps out there and I’m not sure if it’s worth the cost. Overall, Veggly isn’t a great value for your money.

3. How many users does Veggly have?

Veggly doesn’t seem to have a huge user base, so it’s not the best option if you’re looking for a dating app with lots of potential matches. It looks like there are only a few thousand users on Veggly, which isn’t really enough to make it worth your time. Definitely look elsewhere if you want more options!

4. Can you send messages for free on Veggly?

No, you can’t send messages for free on Veggly. It’s a paid service and it costs money to message other users. Not cool if you’re trying to save some cash!

Lynda Love

Lynda Love is an online dating expert who has dedicated her life to helping others find love. With a background in psychology and sociology, Lynda brings years of knowledge and experience to the table when it comes to understanding relationships. She believes that everyone deserves true love, which is why she started writing reviews on different dating sites and apps. Growing up as an only child with divorced parents, Lynda was determined not just for herself but also for other people around her - especially those from broken homes -to have better experiences with romance than what she had growing up. This inspired her mission: To make sure that no one ever feels alone or unloved again by providing them with the tools they need to navigate through the world of online dating safely and successfully so they can find their happily-ever-afters too! She began blogging about relationship advice before becoming a full time writer specializing in topics related to digital courtship like safety tips while using various platforms; how algorithms work behind popular websites; how best practices should be followed during conversations between two potential partners etc., all backed by research data collected over many years.. Her expertise has been featured across numerous publications including The New York Times Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine among several others where readers could benefit from valuable insights into this field of study . Apart from being passionate about finding solutions towards modern day problems faced within romantic partnerships ,she’s also actively involved in charitable causes such as raising awareness against domestic violence & cyberbullying amongst teenagers via public speaking engagements at schools & universities alike . As someone who understands first hand what it means going through difficult times without support systems available ,she strives hard every single day making sure nobody else goes through similar circumstances anymore !

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