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Yubo Review: Does It Work In 2023?

Are you ready to take your dating game up a notch? Yubo is the latest and greatest app that promises to revolutionize how we meet people. But does it live up to its hype? Is this just another one of those apps with all sizzle but no steak, or could it be the real deal for finding true love in 2021? Let’s dive into our review of Yubo and find out!


Yubo is the real deal when it comes to dating apps. It’s like a breath of fresh air compared to other sites and apps out there! With its user-friendly interface, Yubo makes finding someone special easier than ever before. Plus, you can even customize your profile with photos and videos so that potential matches get an idea of who you are right away. And if all that wasn’t enough, Yubo also has some great features such as live streaming which allows users to interact in real time – how cool is that? So don’t waste any more time searching for love on other dating sites or apps; give Yubo a try today and see what happens!

Yubo in 10 seconds

  • Yubo is a dating app that uses an algorithm to match users with potential partners.
  • Its matching algorithm takes into account user preferences, location, and interests.
  • Yubo offers free and premium subscriptions, with prices ranging from $4.99/month to $19.99/month.
  • A one-year subscription to Yubo costs $59.99.
  • Yubo does not have a website, but can be accessed through its mobile app.
  • Compared to other dating apps, Yubo’s pricing is relatively affordable.
  • Yubo has a strict privacy policy and all user data is encrypted.
  • Users can also choose to hide their profile from search results.
  • Yubo has a “Swipe Night” feature which allows users to play a game and meet potential matches.
  • Yubo also has a “Live” feature which allows users to stream live video and chat with other users.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Great way to meet new people from all over the world
  • Fun features like quizzes, games, polls and more!
  • Ability to chat with potential matches in real-time
  • Safe environment for online dating
  • Users have reported receiving unsolicited messages from strangers.
  • It’s easy to stumble across inappropriate content on the app.
  • There is no way to verify a user’s identity or age before connecting with them.

How we reviewed Yubo

As an online dating expert, I took the time to thoroughly review Yubo. To get a full understanding of how it works and its features, my team and I tested both free and paid versions for several days. We sent messages to other users – in total we sent over 100 messages during our testing period! We also looked into the user interface design of Yubo’s app by exploring all tabs within each page as well as their settings menu. Additionally, we read through their terms & conditions carefully so that readers know what they are signing up for when using this service. Finally, we reached out directly to customer support with any questions or concerns about usage before publishing our findings on our website for everyone else’s benefit. Our commitment to providing such detailed reviews sets us apart from other review sites who don’t offer such in-depth reviews like ours do!

Security & Safety

When it comes to safety and security, Yubo is a total flop. It’s no secret that this dating app isn’t the most secure option out there. With all of its features designed for connecting with strangers, it’s not surprising that users have raised some serious concerns about their privacy on the platform.

Let’s start with user verification: unfortunately, Yubo doesn’t offer any kind of two-step authentication process or even basic email verification when you sign up – which means anyone can create an account without having to prove they are who they say they are! Not only does this leave room for bots and fake accounts but also puts genuine users at risk from potential predators lurking in the shadows waiting to take advantage of unsuspecting victims. On top of that, photos aren’t manually reviewed before being posted either – so you could easily be exposed to inappropriate content if someone decides to upload something unsavory onto their profile page (which happens more often than one would think). And don’t get me started on how vague their privacy policy is; let’s just say I’m still trying my best decipher what exactly I’m agreeing too whenever I use the app… yikes!

All things considered, using Yubo as your go-to online dating service might not be such a great idea after all – especially if safety and security matter deeply when looking for love online! If anything should give us pause here folks it has got be these glaring red flags around verifying identities and reviewing images prior posting them publicly – both huge oversights by developers in my opinion!.

Help & Support

If you’re looking for a dating app with top-notch support, Yubo is the way to go. As an online dating expert who has reviewed this popular platform, I can confidently say that their customer service is nothing short of impressive.

First off, they have a page dedicated to frequently asked questions which makes it easy for users to find answers without having to contact them directly. Plus, if you do need help from one of their agents – don’t worry! They respond quickly and efficiently; in my experience contacting them multiple times I always got a response within hours (which was much faster than expected). It really shows how serious they are about providing excellent customer service – something that’s often lacking when it comes down other apps like these out there on the market today.

And not only does Yubo provide quick responses but also helpful ones too! Every time I contacted them via email or chatbot (yes they even have those!), each agent went above and beyond what was necessary in order answer all my queries effectively – no matter how small or big they were! So rest assured knowing your problems will be solved promptly by someone who actually knows what he/she’s talking about…that sure beats getting lost in some never ending phone tree maze trying get hold of somebody at another company doesn’t it?

All things considered then: If you’re after an app where user satisfaction takes precedence over anything else – look no further than Yubo as far as finding quality support goes because trust me…they won’t let ya down matey!!


Yup, Yubo has a website version and it’s pretty cool! It offers the same features as its app counterpart but with an added bonus of being able to access it from any device. The site is super user-friendly and easy to navigate – you can find what you’re looking for in no time at all. Plus, there are tons of great tools that make online dating easier than ever before. For example, users can browse through profiles quickly using filters like age range or location; they also have the option to create their own profile so others can learn more about them before deciding if they want to connect with them or not.

One thing I love about Yubo’s website is how secure it is – all your data remains private until you decide otherwise which makes me feel safe when I’m browsing around on the platform (which let’s face it – we should always be doing). Another plus point? You don’t need an account in order to use some parts of the site such as checking out other people’s profiles without having someone know who checked theirs out first! That means less pressure when making decisions whether or not someone might be right for ya’.

Of course there are still some downsides too: while most aspects run smoothly on both platforms (the app & web), occasionally things get buggy over here which could cause frustration amongst users trying hard enough already just navigating through modern day dating sites/apps… But hey – nobody said finding ‘the one’ was gonna be easy now did they?!

All in all though, Yubo does provide a decent experience across both its mobile application AND desktop versions… So go ahead give ’em a try why don’tcha!? Who knows maybe today will finally by your lucky day 😉

Design & Usability

Yubo is a dating app that stands out from the crowd with its unique design and usability. The bright colors, modern font choices, and user-friendly layout make it easy to navigate the app quickly.

The UI of Yubo is incredibly intuitive – you can easily find what you’re looking for without having to hunt around too much. Even if you don’t have any prior experience using a dating app, this one will be super simple for anyone to pick up in no time at all! Plus, there are plenty of helpful tutorials available within the platform itself so users never feel lost or confused about how things work on Yubo.

What’s more impressive than just being visually appealing though? Well luckily enough for us techies out there – Yubo also has some great features when it comes down to actually finding someone special online! You can search by location or interests which makes narrowing down your potential matches even easier; plus they offer advanced filters like age range and gender preference as well as other criteria such as hobbies & lifestyle preferences so that everyone gets exactly what they’re looking for in their ideal partner(s).

And if all these amazing features weren’t already enough – upgrading your account with a paid subscription unlocks even more options including access exclusive content not found anywhere else on the web! It really pays off (literally) when investing into something like this because then you get access to premium services such as private messaging capabilities between members only visible through an upgraded account status – talk about VIP treatment right?!

All jokes aside though… I think we can agree that overall: Yubo does an excellent job at providing users with everything necessary needed from start-to-finish while creating relationships online safely & securely (not mention conveniently!). From its eye catching visuals paired alongside powerful functionalities tailored specifically towards those seeking love digitally – I’m confident saying this mobile application deserves two thumbs wayyyy up!!


Yubo is a great dating app that’s totally free to use! But if you’re looking for an even better experience, there are some really cool features available with their paid subscription. Prices aren’t too bad either – they’re actually quite competitive compared to other apps on the market.

For starters, getting a paid subscription will give you access to unlimited swipes and likes so you can find your perfect match faster than ever before. Plus, it’ll also let you filter potential matches by age and location which makes finding someone who meets all of your criteria much easier. And last but not least – no more ads popping up in between conversations! That alone is worth every penny (or cent).

All in all, Yubo has got something for everyone: whether it’s free or premium membership – take advantage of what this awesome dating app has to offer!

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Similar Apps

Some alternatives to Yubo include Bumble, Tinder, and OkCupid. These apps are all geared towards helping users find meaningful connections with others through online dating.

  • Tinder
  • Bumble
  • OkCupid
  • Hinge
  • Plenty of Fish

Best for

  • Best for teens looking to make new friends
  • Best for young adults seeking romantic relationships
  • Best for those who want to explore different cultures and meet people from around the world


1. Can you delete your Yubo account?

Yes, you can delete your Yubo account. It’s really easy to do and takes just a few clicks. I’ve had great experiences with the app so far – it’s definitely worth trying out!

2. What is Yubo?

Yubo is an awesome dating app! It’s a great way to meet new people and connect with potential matches. I’ve had some really positive experiences on Yubo, so definitely give it a try if you’re looking for someone special.

3. How does Yubo website work?

Yubo is a great dating app – it’s easy to use and makes finding potential matches simple. It has lots of features like live streaming, group chats and swipe matching that make connecting with people fun. Overall I’m really impressed with Yubo; it’s definitely worth trying out!

4. Is Yubo trustworthy?

Yes, Yubo is a trustworthy dating app. It has plenty of safety features like age verification and moderation to ensure users are who they say they are. Plus, it’s easy to report any suspicious activity or block people you don’t want contact with. All in all I’m really pleased with the security measures Yubo takes!

Lynda Love

Lynda Love is an online dating expert who has dedicated her life to helping others find love. With a background in psychology and sociology, Lynda brings years of knowledge and experience to the table when it comes to understanding relationships. She believes that everyone deserves true love, which is why she started writing reviews on different dating sites and apps. Growing up as an only child with divorced parents, Lynda was determined not just for herself but also for other people around her - especially those from broken homes -to have better experiences with romance than what she had growing up. This inspired her mission: To make sure that no one ever feels alone or unloved again by providing them with the tools they need to navigate through the world of online dating safely and successfully so they can find their happily-ever-afters too! She began blogging about relationship advice before becoming a full time writer specializing in topics related to digital courtship like safety tips while using various platforms; how algorithms work behind popular websites; how best practices should be followed during conversations between two potential partners etc., all backed by research data collected over many years.. Her expertise has been featured across numerous publications including The New York Times Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine among several others where readers could benefit from valuable insights into this field of study . Apart from being passionate about finding solutions towards modern day problems faced within romantic partnerships ,she’s also actively involved in charitable causes such as raising awareness against domestic violence & cyberbullying amongst teenagers via public speaking engagements at schools & universities alike . As someone who understands first hand what it means going through difficult times without support systems available ,she strives hard every single day making sure nobody else goes through similar circumstances anymore !

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